London Tube

The London Tube application is a superb professionally drawn map and route planner for the TFL London Underground system with many unique features.

New in this latest version.
1. Completely new map design that now includes a detailed street map for central London.
2. Ability to show or hide the transport services.
3. New improved search with built in database for 1000’s of locations.
4. Updated routing with time zones for Day, Night and Crossrail Open or Closed.

The highlights of this application include:
  • The Map
A superb detailed street map of central London with the unique ability to show or hide the tube and other transport services overlaid on top.
  • Routing
Zuti provides the fastest route calculations of any mobile routing application (virtually instantaneous) using actual published journey times with the ability to select the quickest route or the route with the least changes.
Comprehensive details of your planned route are provided, including changes, directions of travel, number of stops, predicted journey times, etc. Uniquely this application gives you “direction”, “towards” and “service frequency” information for each segment of the journey (not available on any other offline journey planner) for example “At Kings Cross change to the Hammersmith and City line (Eastbound) towards Barking for 3 stops. Service runs every 7 minutes” which is essential when finding the correct platform and connection. Also given are alternatives for each segment of the journey.
  • Animation
An animation can be displayed tracking each step of your journey around the map showing you exactly where you're heading.
  • No Internet Connection Required
The map and routing does not require an internet connection and you will not be charged data connection fees. This also means the application runs successfully underground. The only feature that requires an internet data connection is the “Live Info” which is optional and if used only requires a small amount of data.
  • GPS
Use your inbuilt GPS to accurately locate and track yourself within the city centre and see the nearest transportation stop and distance to it.
This is the only pubic transportation route planner with this ability.
  • Live Info
If you have an internet connection you can access travel information directly within the application. All the currently available information on any line delays, station closures, escalators out of action & many other alerts on the system are displayed in a clear format. With this invaluable information you can then use Zuti to calculate the quickest alternative route avoiding any of the problems.
  • Crossrail
This new map uniquely shows all the future Crossrail services and allows you to see how they may affect your journey.
  • Information & Search
Tap on the map for location information, use the inbuilt search feature or choose from a list of locations. Places of interest, museums, hotels, parks, restaurant, shops, hospitals, streets, etc, are also included. The route planner will automatically suggest the nearest station to any place of interest you select.
  • Exits
Contains simple information on every Tube station indicating what carriage to use for the most efficient exit or transfer. Just tap on a Tube station and scroll down to see the exit information for each platform so you can make a quick exit when you leave the train we have now added exit information for all stations on the London underground.
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Compatible: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Android.

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