Zuti interactive maps for iOS & Android

Introducing Zuti apps for iOS & Android

Transform your Apple iOS device or Android phone into a superb interactive subway or metro map.

Zuti is a worldwide series of transportation maps from lead developer Visual IT who have been producing public transportation maps for mobile devices over many years.
Clear scrollable detailed maps of the worlds transport systems right in your hand without the need for an internet connection.
Never get lost again and save valuable time, Zuti calculates the quickest routes for all your journeys and displays a fantastic animation of your route on the map.
A wealth of addtional information and options regarding your journey is provided & many versions come with "Live information" that enables you to quickly view all the latest travel information directly within the application.
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A-Z Maps for iOS & Android

A-Z Maps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Soon Android

Why not enhance your travels with an A-Z Map of your city.

These maps are a digital copy of the famous A-Z Street Maps of London with other UK cities available soon.
With these map packages installed actually on your device you can have access to this superb GPS enabled mapping anywhere, at anytime and with no need for an internet connection.
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New London A-Z   NEW 2019
  Greater London AZ
  Out Now
London Superscale A-Z   NEW 2019
  London Super Scale AZ
  Just released