A-Z London Mini Atlas

This A-Z map of London is a digital rendition of the famous Geographers' A-Z Map Company's London A-Z Mini Atlas.

The familiar look makes this by far the clearest London mapping for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad map or Android.
The map is drawn by real cartographers with the detailed care and the human touch of emphasis and colour that A-Z are famous for.
  • The Map
This high quality map covers an area from West Hendon in the North West to Grove Park in the South East, 141 Square Miles (367 Square Kilometers).
  • No Internet Connection Required
The map is stored entirely on the mobile device and using the map requires no internet connection and hence is fast, ideal for iPod Touch devices as well as iPhones and will work anywhere (even underground).
  • GPS
You can also use your device’s inbuilt location services to show your current location on the map.
  • Information & Search
The map index contains over 32,000 streets & places of interest, along with hospitals and rail stations and nearly 80,000 postcodes. All can be located on this high quality map within a few seconds using the search feature or by browsing the index.
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Compatible: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Android.

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